• dikshita_13 22w

    Near the assembly stage classroom

    The morning starts with playful fights
    And passing of bottles in the 1st
    The 2nd tells a lot of past tales
    And a whole lot of study in the 3rd
    The sitting arrangement made for boys in the 4th
    With that gossips in the break
    And finally the real lunch break starts
    And a lot of hands in a single bench
    Every 5 mins the packets open
    With the teachers unknown about us
    The captains be the naughtiest
    And no one could notice their naughtiness
    That 5 th period when friends meet
    And teacher called us someone's party
    6th and 7th when that home changes
    And the naughtiest be the studious ones
    Our emotions written in those desks and benches
    And the last one still holds some special place
    The year when black changed to white
    -Dikshita Hazarika