• random_writing 31w

    What the world expects to be??
    Where is the reality going??
    What else is to be called humanity??
    When the reality of today needs an ultimate clearity
    #worldneedspeace #standupforhumanity #strength #courage #Unbearable

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    The reality of today is very different
    A smile of today.. A sorrow of tomorrow
    She plays with innocence
    But is not prepared for the upcoming violence...
    She prays to the God
    But unaware of the sword
    That has torn apart the call of humanity
    That has made her shiver in the name of reality
    How can the social animals be so cruel??
    Her eyes in pain and demanding answer...
    A kid so small.. Her dreams were shattered
    And out came all the feelings..
    When she came to know that it's better to be a beast than being a human being...