• seaofglee 10w

    The Woman Who Caught the Sword

    I have been here before
    the moment I opened the door.
    This hot September.
    On Magnolia Boulevard.
    The woman who caught the sword.
    I sat on my husband's black leather
    computer chair,
    almost hearing him say, 'there, there.'
    Sometimes he is elsewhere,
    or right next to me.
    I always have an epiphany.
    I learn all his secrets,
    in all its simplicity.
    The way his chair rocks
    like an earthquake,
    slipping and sliding,
    like a clumsy rake--
    Not that our garden needs tending to,
    as if nature knows not what to do.
    Yet, do it, or at least dare!
    I know precisely where
    to locate hidden files
    and decipher code,
    from his comfy computer chair
    inside our comfy abode.
    God knows I am aware
    of his every literary move.
    He is so enamored by
    my intuition, sexy groove.
    Women and wives have power,
    Some men wish to deny.
    Today is the hour
    to embrace this honour,