• shhhme 5w

    By unknown writer

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    As if u don't remember

    The special love we once shared

    As if u don't see

    How incredibly lost & broken
    My heart has become now

    As if your blind

    Act as if ur oblivious 2 what this is all doing 2 my soul

    As if all is good in our worlds

    Maybe it is...

    In urs.

    I type this

    As if u care...

    If u cared at all

    Even just a little

    U'd stop pretending what uve been doing to me is cool

    & u would wise up an accept reality and acknowledge the truths

    Who's real

    Who's fake

    Who's lookin out 4 u

    & who's just playin games

    Who's usein & abusin u

    & who's ACTUALLY loves u unconditional

    Who doesn't deserve being drug around, lead on, taken 4granted & lied to

    U would stop assuming

    That I'll be fine

    As if I haven't lost everything

    My soulmate, my bestfriend, the love of my life, my ride or die

    As if i haven't lost my most favorite person in this fkd up world we live in

    Just wen i thought my family couldn't get anymore broken

    It breaks to unrepairable proportions

    But hey

    U just go on ahead an keep makin believe

    Like I'm not literally dieing alone, slow & painfully

    Remember that I'm fine

    Each morning u wake up 2 her face

    U just keep ignoring my messages

    As if they never came through ur phn

    I won't say a wrd 2 no1 if u dont

    Sorry I'll always love u

    Sorry i didnt realise, 2 u, it was just sex

    As if i ever had a chance.

    I officially LET GO of us

    I LET GO Of, as u told her, "my last shred of hope left 4 us"

    BUT Thank you 4 all u'v done

    Aside from the sea of salty tears im drowning in

    I do remember alot of laughter

    Alot of fun.

    Maybe someday I'll be wanted, loved & cherished by someone

    As if that would ever really happen

    I'm so dumb sorry

    But really I wish u the best & hope its worth it in the end 4 u

    Im goin 2 miss u so much

    As if u care