• dhrisnibora 5w

    Pagal Billi

    Cause you're my only observation
    Wanna be your final destination.
    Please come to me babe
    I'll love you till infinity
    I don't wanna be late
    But honey it's us in eternity
    I promise you we'll survive this war
    I'm sure it won't be sour
    Breathing the sweet essence of air
    Life is fun but it ain't so fair
    Dark minds need swords
    But what if you're the source?
    Make me your one and only
    Life will be nothing but glory
    Just hold my hand
    And pull me closer to Paradise
    Little grains of sand
    They say but it's you and I to rise
    Would you be my lifeline?
    Swear I'll take you to cloud nine !!!