• guptajikisyahise 6w


    (Reality is our consciousness in work!
    What we have is unreal,unsubstantial
    Seasoned with the perceptions of others!!)

    I have lived those ages of life,
    sleeping, dreaming; dreams and dreams.
    Yet haven’t discovered the truth to live, peeping into lives of ourselves,I have lived!!Suppressing the real truth,I had the ages.

    What if, all was just nothing.
    All this for nothing & then leading to nothing. So what if the truth was never to be realised?
    What if we never wanted to look for the real, What if we liked it this way....

    Remembering the past I can assure,
    That life had initially been much more secure! Contemporarily, we discard away the joys, putting ourselves in the bombshells of false!! Those ages I lived I can assure ...

    Those time, those ages were demanding, assuring us of a better time ahead!
    Or ages were perhaps a myth;entrapping us
    Taking us to no-where from nowhere!!
    For Ages I lived I can assure ✌