• abhinandan_ 5w


    The one who was elder from me
    One resembling character like tree
    The one who was the fitness freak
    One going with me to the IT geek

    The talks of us in IT park
    The talks of future and crossing marks
    Where the dads are friends and so our moms
    And this continual ecstasy of us belongs

    The sprints of us and so the long
    The catapulting us in winds strong
    Then comes the debate mesmerising nun
    Where we both practised
    though was going only one
    The result came and so the vibe
    The journey was beautiful not the sigh
    The result of both comes in ton
    We seen two failures in same sun

    So what
    what happened was just a case
    We dealt with things in smiling gaze
    The talks were few yet not stopped
    Showing maturity developing popped

    Now comes the joy for both of us
    Both are getting the personal just
    I don't know who got recommended from us
    Maybe you, mine friend of trust
    Congratulations sir being so robust

    So now it's time For me
    To get the charge
    Being like Kartik in the next hour
    Laughing hard n executing large

    An athelete, a man who is cool n young
    A smart young man who was crush of tons
    A man with ethics creating new wonder
    Happy birthday dude
    I welcome HATHINDER