• sunshineyellow20172019 51w

    being broken has been my greatest achievement and my greatest fault.
    its been grievous and yet a joyful experience too
    what can a lost heart do when there is no light
    what can the searching soul do when there is no air left to breathe
    where are the stars and the moon as promised
    tell me the truth
    what hope is there to endure when you swimming in a dark ocean
    where is the light
    my heart only shatters and tears a little more as i swim on
    all i see is black no light
    my heart aches as the darkness inside of me screams louder and louder
    i want to see the light, but where o where is it?
    what can my lost broken heart do?
    look up
    you've been swimming downward the whole time, that only leads to greater darkness
    swim up, you'll be closer to the light
    when you swim up, you'll reach the surface and see the stars. 
    being broken leaves your soul, heart, and mind to be fixed.
    Look Up