• smartsam 5w

    Our Deep love Night!

    Serve me drink low down to me.
    Smile and say rest all free.

    We rest for while may be some juice.
    Arm in arm then we
    do like all spouses.

    Love for love wine for wine.
    We interchange souls for no dime!

    Take me home darling when it's low
    Though dark outside dark bloom yours reveal you glow!

    Every time I visit your shop
    I see you in uniform.
    But now inside in roombed.
    Just hug on me soul your warm!

    Slowly we kiss squeeze & squeeze!
    All night yours unique joystick!

    Spread wide logs,
    loose your hairs!
    Let me cumlate & feel
    fair magnetic your thigh pairs!

    Open the twins, let the bloom
    my lips entangle
    on thy tips affume
    our love wrangle!

    Find in dark your palm it pull.
    hard erect velvet smooth wool!

    Before any word
    You bend down!
    Need not say
    unfurl your gown!

    You lay flat & I loom over you.
    This is what you want and me too!
    Need not I say
    I wantonly love you!