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    Rise - Verse 1

    Verse 1:

    I been livin in straight strife
    feeling like I hate life
    in a rage, was in a cage,
    it's time for me to take flight
    working through that late night
    ain't scared of no stage fright
    put the pedal to the metal
    won't put on no brake lights!
    cuz slowin down is a waste of time
    solid-state in my state-of-mind
    in this place and time
    I Pray Sublime
    God is who I give my Faith,
    that's the way I Stay Divine
    Ya The Greatest, I'm
    Cassius Clay
    til the day I pass away
    you'll have to say
    that's the Way I Shine
    like a Supernova
    showing you Jehovah
    till the youth is sober
    then we do it over
    Truth is colder
    through it though I'm True,
    I give you a shoulder
    We Hold These Truths
    To Be Self-Evident:
    This White House resident
    ya we got the Devil as the Pr*sident
    so as I vent,
    I try to write Lyrics
    that are Heaven-Sent
    Pray to God and let the Lyrics flow
    I'm just a mirror though
    so here I go
    I'm bout to let My Spirit Glow!

    Lyrics, Vocals: Santino Thomas Ender