• vampirecadence 5w

    July 2, 2020
    6:46 PM

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    Fear tells me

    Fear tells me
    why are you trying to do those things
    where you need to improve yourself?
    what's the point of improving yourself
    when you are already so good at something,
    something that made you so close to me,
    the devastation.

    Fear tells me
    to look back and make me see
    how badly I have devastated everything
    and it tells me that I should be proud for
    destroying everything so badly
    that everywhere you see, you'll see nothing but fear
    and the fear in your eyes.

    Fear tells me
    that you need to stop and think about me,
    think of those days when we shared one bad under one roof and many bad memories.
    It tells me to think of those nightmares that made me sleepless every night.
    It tells me that I was good back then and that you are still good but just stop moving and look back at me.

    Fear tells me
    that I can be your best friend if you'll keep doing what made you closer to me.
    It tells me to not to share anything to anyone.
    It tells me to not to feel happy about anything.
    It tells me that it's still there waiting for me but for that, you have to do what made you closer to me.

    - VampireCadence