• creeplin 10w

    •That kind of sunset•

    That kind of sunset
    I see when I set my eyes on you
    Woken from a nice dream
    It’s a nice scene

    That kind of sunset
    I see from your eyes
    From your voice
    I envision this scene
    Your laugh, dam!
    So, contagious

    Call out for me
    So that my heart can lay still
    Called out for me
    So many times I am losing focus

    That kind of sunset
    That got you leaving footprints
    on my chest
    In my feeling
    Yeah, I am drowning deep

    I call your name
    I call your name to my rescue
    But I don't want you to rescue me
    But to pull you in
    To pull you into my gaze
    For my eyes, I set on you

    #LoveInHerEyes #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee
    Image source: Tom Mackie

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    Inspired by that kind of sunset