• sonia_sali 10w

    Five kilometers away from what I called home, sixty from what I called love, one from what I called peace and crouched right on the banks of what I called bliss and rest to my soul I feel insecure, hopeless and no reason to live yet feeling happy and myself in the company of nature at the same time. How was it that I was lost in the line of the horizon and yet present in the moment or how was it that I had a million reasons to die but yet that I chose to live? Away from everyone, the melodrama of life and from the business of the day, I find solace on the banks of a river I spent nights and days. Racing my thoughts between the wonders of life and the emptiness it held, these banks often gave me an answer, it often made me press on and it often let me turn back home with hopes of seeing a clear blue sky with a tinge of pink here and there.