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    Attending a marriage function in India always gave me a negative vibe.It is not because I am an introvert nor because i dont have any friends there.It is because of the types of people I meet there.
    It is so disturbing to see the bride covered in gold and to hear the people around there.
    "How much did they give?!
    Is that car given as dowry?!"
    Why do they bother?! Why do they care.?!

    Once when I attended a marriage function of my cousin brother where i literally saw my uncle zooming at bride's gold.It is so depressing to say the truth that a marriage is all about a bond between bride's family and bridegroom-"get me all your wealth and your daughter is all mine."

    Have you all ever thought about the inner meaning of giving and accepting dowry.??
    Is it given for the generosity shown by the bridegroom i.e marrying his daughter?!
    Isnt it an insult for a woman who is valued by her own love only if a big amount of dowry is given?!

    If you are a real man then why demanding dowry?!