• pepper_1512 5w

    Far away from million miles,
    There's an angel who makes me smile,
    Seasons come and seasons go.
    His love is pure, just as the fresh snow.

    He's like a wind,
    He flows around me,
    He's like a star,
    In a place very far

    He's within me,
    So pure and serene,
    Blends in me,
    Like the river in sea.

    Wish to look in those angel eyes,
    Wish to be in his paradise,
    Wish to shorten the long distances,
    Wish feel his magical fragrances.

    Miss him when the sun goes down,
    Miss him every where across the town,
    Be its rain or falling snow,
    I love him everyday, he know.
    #kaku #angel #love #magical #pure #smile #pure #paradise

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    An angel