• naina_here 10w

    a day in life of you❤

    Though its been ages since im writing.writing is really strange experience for someone like me.

    when i think about our lives i Usually come to the Conclusion.let me tell you my Longing for someone to talk to has become so unbearable that i somehow took it into my head to stuck.
    It gave me a Wonderful feeling when i looked into his dark eyes and saw how shy my Unexpected visit had made him i could read his innermost thoughts and in his face i saw a look of helplessness and Uncertainly as to how to behave.i saw his shyness and i melted i wanted to say tell me about yourself but look Beneath my chatty Exterior but later on i found that it was Easier to think up Questions than to ask him.
    The Evening caMe to a close and nothing Happend except that i told him about thing on Blushing.
    It was simply Disgusting but people will do almost anything to satisfy their longings take me for example.
    I've made up my mind to visit him more often and somehow get him to talk to me.

    You mustn't think im in love with him Because im not.