• spilling_thoughts 10w

    She threw up
    The shots went high on her system
    It was rare that she got so high
    Usually times she couldn't brave the struggle waves.
    Yes, it was indeed rare and she was bold enough to face a heart break, a jobless sabbatical and some infamous marriage taunts.
    So this time our pretty lady couldn't handle what was just getting into her nerves,
    It was not easy as it got further.
    The small amounts and absence deepened the wounds.
    Mere sight of the empty dish frightened her,
    The diet chart was not as easy as the heartbreaks
    The vegetable salad couldn't sing the lullaby that a a chicken piece did,
    Greens never satisfied her hunger for the meat confit,
    Our pretty lady suffered a lot through the phase of plate emptiness,
    But sure she shed some kilos.
    Uff so terrifying though!

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