• bluepuppy01 6w


    Nowhere is where I belong.

    A place I can call my own
    Is nowhere in this world.

    I made it this way.

    I carved this of my life
    With my own bare hands,
    And created it so perfectly-
    Too perfectly.

    Now, I can’t withdraw
    From this space
    Even if I wished to be
    Someplace else,
    But nowhere is where I belong,
    So why would I dare
    To seek “a somewhere”
    Not destined for this someone I am?


    Dear Reader,

    Please read this all over again, but this time read “nowhere” as “now here” instead.

    ��Many thanks,
    This is an entry for the challenge created by @pragya_a_dreamer on my @cyan_rose account. ��

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