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    It's an autobiography of myself the pillow. Where I am going to share my few memories which I had with my best chum! Unique bonding with her!
    Well, I'm bit confused where to start with,ok let me begin with that note below,which I found on one fine morning! Which made me to remember about those days. Quite interesting companion. I was introduced to her when she started going to primary classes,so soft I am she saw her mother's lap on me! How lucky I'm ! Hahaha! You know what! I was soaked by her drooling saliva that night! Shhh! Don't say it to her. She felt relaxed on me. Days went on swiftly! She shared lot things with me, about her friends and the naughtiness they did together and lot more!

    One fine evening she took me on her lap and started biting her nails, yeah! She was bit tensed! Omg! the punch she gave to me on that day, still I remember it, so terrific it was! And that night too was terrific! Yeah she was rejected, same night once again I was soaked and this time by her salty ocean from the beautiful eyes. I may be soft but was hard inside by holding her secrets and pains. Sleepless nights, restless mind all was witnessed by me. Yet, I'm helpless.

    One day she came happily and hugged me tightly woww I felt the bliss in it. What a smile on her face! Captured that smile within me. That was the day spend together by us. Beside me I found this note next day morning. Yes! She found her love. She knew I will miss her! Hope she don't miss me! Happy pillow.

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    The tears that shed
    from my eyes found
    its solace when you rested
    me on your arms,
    now, my pillow is missing me!