• twinkletopics 9w

    I'm not what you need
    I know
    But I'll try to
    I swear
    All I ask in return,
    Please be patient with me
    my talking, anger and crying
    Because I'm a little much hurt
    That thing inside beating is stoned.
    Start the conversation even if the situation is pretty much awkward
    Send me a sunset wherever you be
    When there's thousands of humans and you in a middle of a huge crowd.
    Say you will stand Alone even if it's 100 degrees outside
    Turn on the speaker with the same seven songs on repeat
    Or go on a long drive in a convertible Mercedes
    With the roof open and the radio on
    Tier a heart in to tiniest pieces
    Come back alive on Instagram telling "missing you with I"
    Haunting weekends walking through the days
    Know I'm the odd alien out
    But treat me like a human too
    Promise I'll answer whenever the screen turns up with a notification even at 2am
    Everything I went through
    Sums up everyone who held on
    Without giving up my hand
    Tough part?
    Putting all what's in my brain to words.
    Wish I could build a time machine
    So I could see
    The things no one's gonna see
    I will ignite my heart to keep you warm
    I promise!