• nymeria99 9w

    So it's over

    I delete all the long notes I had written for you
    Un-save all the pictures I'd saved on Instagram, that I thought you'd have liked
    I would've sent them to you one at a time
    So you would know that I'm thinking about you

    I throw away the wilted flowers and bouquets that I had so meticulously preserved as a token of our memories.
    I almost hear my heart shatter into pieces.

    I do not delete your pictures, no, it's too painful
    So I slyly hide them away in the hidden folder
    Of my phone

    I try to delete the memories
    Keep them away in a hidden folder
    But how do I do that?
    How do I forget the way you asked me to marry you when we were lying in bed
    Tears trickling down my cheeks
    How do I forget the look in your eyes when you told me you loved me
    The look that was replaced by cold indifference
    When you saw me on my knees crying for you to come back

    I try to give you your jacket back
    The jacket that smells of you
    And makes me feel like I'm lying in your arms when I hold it tight at night
    But I can't.

    So even today, when somebody asks me
    "Why are you so much in love with Mumbai?"
    I smile and shake my head
    And think to myself
    Because Mumbai, to me, is you. It always has been. It always will be.