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    There exists a combination of words more powerful than I LOVE YOU and that's ARE YOU OKAY?
    A question we all want to answer to, rather than being loved insanely.
    We, the generation where we have our world within the swipes of our screen have swiped away the peace and the mental well being of the essence within us.
    Insecurity, Anxiety, Stress, and a tremendous number of feelings that shatter us within each day. We ain't complete. None of us, we all are a succession of broken pieces and shattered hopes driven by the string of life.
    To the world where humans are known and distinguished from other creatures on this earth just because they can express what they feel, it has become tough to express what actually you feel. To express has been linked to judgments, criticism, opinions from the ones who are not even a part of us. Strange yet true but we still live our lives on the terms defined & judged by others.
    Why has that become so tough to speak that we find corners and cry but not utter a word. Has the human lost its ability to speak or the world has just lost humanity?
    Has it been too difficult to love ourselves inspite of all perfections? I am sure the best of celebrities or influencers whose posts make us feel insecure about ourselves, definitely have a part of them where lies insecurity for themselves too. None of us are perfect, none of us can be like any other. Can't we live being we? Unique And Rare.
    Loving and Caring for ourselves isn't a part of being selfish, it's a part of the growth within us. We need our attention, our care, we need to feel not suppress because if not us then who else will be for us. Before. Being a shoulder to others, be your own. Talk to yourself, share, cry, smile, just feel it the way you want to.
    So just ,
    Express, love, feel, grow!
    Nothing great, but yes important .

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