• americanidiot 6w

    Heavens are personal for a reason

    The flowers spoke strong
    My own silent garden
    Locked away in my soul
    For no one but me

    So then I knew,
    That it was time
    I took that moment
    To hide the lock

    Not to the garden,
    But to my soul
    To which the garden was bestowed
    But other great wonders also wandered

    Somewhere along the way
    Someone slithered in
    He was presented as a faerie
    Though the birds knew something I didn’t

    They spoke to me that night
    Told me the dark stories of him
    All the nightmares caused at his fingertips
    Believe them, I did not

    One day he asked where I keep disappearing to
    A simple lie could’ve done
    But the garden drifted in
    My safe haven

    I told him about the oasis
    The sweet-smelling flowers
    And the tart plum trees
    A truly magnificent place

    A few questions followed
    As to where it’s located
    How to get there
    Yet I told him I haven’t gone in awhile

    Then he made it seem as though he needed it
    The faerie belonged there perhaps
    Maybe I should add him to my garden
    The thought seemed pleasant

    I promised I would take him there
    And so I did, at first it was quite nice
    A couple weeks later
    I came back

    The faerie was not a faerie at all
    Instead in his wake was a demon
    The birds were right,
    I had welcomed myself into a personal hell

    He took the time to burn my flowers to a crisp
    The plum trees were cut down
    The water fountain was dry
    A hell it had become, and to my hand

    Had I not let him in,
    I would still have my sanctuary
    Now I have to deal with the aftermath
    Memories of a once perfect life