• chisala 5w

    365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes trying to figure out how I will let you know how I feel. Here I go.........
    I finally decided to swallow my pride and take a leap of faith and expose my feelings.
    Each time you walk towards me, I lose my footing. The rhythm of my heart changes like that of a tachycardia patient on her death birth.
    Your eyes are enchanting. Your smile so captivating. You make my thoughts daft.
    When I am sited next to you, I get lost in thought and think of how great the effort and time God put in in bringing you into being. I despairingly wish I could freeze time so that I could forever gaze at your face- the flaming alluring eyes, your eyelashes.
    Your eyelashes are like violins and every time you blink, its like you are playing melodies that my heart can't help but dance to.
    I thank God and your mother for bringing up a man I thought only existed in my dreams.
    I am scared of how my heart is becoming like a defined teenager. Its scary when someone gets close but get close, so that I can soon inhale your exhale.
    You are the full stop to my story. Walipwisha ilyashi.