• mohdsahal 5w


    let me dive the memory lane
    That's where I was pained
    I remember my travail
    That made me prevail
    Follow me down the lane
    For which course you may learn
    I yearned for change
    So I could break the chains
    Many thoughts I was in misery
    Because the saw not the mystery
    In pains I cried
    For my best I tried
    Some called me drunkard
    For there were dullards
    They saw just the shadow
    For their understandings were shallow
    I was cool
    But never a fool
    For resources I sort
    To sauce my thoughts
    Tear me not apart
    For I must be a part
    Let me speak my mind
    In time past with pains I denied
    Now I smile
    The journey is mile.