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    Boys With Luv

    ( IV - Sex Toys )

    { Third Person's Pov }

    "Yuna! Wait for me." Taehyung said as he followed her out of the kitchen, but she was nowhere in sight. He sighed and started looking for her.

    "Yasss!" Some boys started whooping and cheering as loud as they could, while drinking their beer. Taehyung went through the crowd and soon he was in front of the stage where Jungkook was.

    "Yuna!?!?" He screamed for her but because of all the cheering and whooping, no one could hear him. He then looked over Krystal, who grabbed hold of the pole and started grinding up against it. His eyes widened in surprise, cause never in his wildest dreams he would've thought Krystal doing a pole dance. Heck, not even Yuna!

    Jungkook's eyes skimmed over Krystal's body and he knew he would get turned on if he didn't stop looking at her. His eyes then went to Yuna who was now holding herself up by her arms on the pole. Jungkook thought that she did look graceful like a dancer.

    Yuna then did a slutty drop on the stage and Jungkook's eyes widened in surprise. The cheers started increasing and people started pushing each other to get a better view of the girls. But there stood Jungkook who was still staring at Yuna, who was enjoying with Krystal. He sighed as he looked down at his pants and saw his erect buddy.

    Taehyung started dragging Yuna off the stage but she started running away from him and hid behind Krystal. Unfortunately, Yuna wobbled dangerously of the edge until her ankle did a huge turn and she collapsed into the arms of Jungkook.

    Taehyung didn't have any other option than to drag Krystal off the stage. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her off the stage and went straight to the area where the car was parked.

    Jungkook was already there, struggling with Yuna who was pulling his hair and pinching his cheeks. Jin suggested than it would be safe if he will drop all of them in their respective houses because it was midnight and the girls and Jimin were hella drunk.

    The limo was big enough to carry 9 people so it was not a big problem. They all were sitting inside the limo, when the girls, out of nowhere discovered the "gifts".

    Krystal took out a red colour thing from a big box which was at the back. It was looking a bit inappropriate and the boys soon found out that it was a fucking dildo!

    Taehyung's eyes widened in surprise so as Jungkook's. Yuna then took out a vibrator, out of excitement and the girls started giggling while mumbling things, which others didn't understand.

    "Why do you have sex toys in your car?" Jungkook asked and Jin quickly looked back, sighing softly at the sight of the girls playing with the sex toys and then he glared at Namjoon.

    "I told you not to buy this rubbish as their gifts!" Jin shouted at Namjoon but he just shrugged it off and started laughing when Yuna locked Yoongi's hand with the handcuffs when he was asleep.

    "Krystal, this thing, it's not good." Jungkook tried to take the dildo away from Krystal's hands but she held it tight, close to her heart. At this Taehyung started laughing and Jungkook glared at him.

    "Ahh... What the fuck!?" Taehyung yelled as Yuna brought the vibrator in front of his face and started massaging Taehyung's head. Now, it was Jungkook's time to enjoy, seeing his best friend who was getting vibrator massage on his head.

    "Krystal, pass me that dildo!" Jimin shouted but Krystal shook her head in a childish way and stuck her tongue out at him. She then giggled to herself and then gave the dildo to Yuna, who was still holding the vibrator as a 4 year girl holds the lollipop.

    But when Yuna saw Krystal giving her the dildo, she threw the vibrator on Jimin and grabbed Krystal's hand, pulling her closer and now they were in a super wired sandwich position. Taehyung was in the middle while Krystal and Yuna were squeezing him and there sat Jungkook on Krystal's right, glaring at Taehyung, not getting any enjoyment in his life.

    Yuna then took the dildo away from Krystal as she giggled. Krystal made a puppy face indicating that she was sad.

    "Dont worry babe, I will share it with you." Yuna smirked and Krystal nodded in happiness. They then started licking the dildo while Jimin and J-hope were making moaning sounds.

    Taehyung was trying his best to not look down at the girls who were licking the dildo which was just inches away from his dick. And Namjoon's laughter wasn't helping the situation at all.

    Jin stopped the car at the second when he saw what was going on in his car. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was like, he was watching a live porn.

    "Krystallll~~~" Because of the car's sudden stop, Krystal jerked off and was going to fall right on Taehyung's dick but because of Jungkook's quick reflexes to save his girlfriend from Taehyung's buddy, nothing much happened.

    But the dildo flew away from Yuna's hand and went inside Jimin's mouth as his mouth was wide opened cause he was busy in moaning. Everyone started laughing at this except the girls, they were trying to get the dildo off Jimin's mouth, who was holding it tightly by his teeth.

    After they reached their destination, Taehyung took Yuna to his home by the back gate, same as Jungkook.

    [ At Taehyung's Home ]

    "Babbyy~  Squiisshy - Squisshyy!!"

    Yuna pulled Taehyung's cheeks while making weird sounds. Taehyung tried to control her but he couldn't. At last, when he was dragging her to the bed Yuna puked her guts out on Taehyung and now his shirt was drenched.

    Like this, he spent his night, cleaning and washing while Yuna sleeped peacefully.

    [ At Jungkook's Home ]

    "Oh god, Jungkook.. fast!"

    Krystal shouted at Jungkook who was trying his best to find a shirt that would fit Krystal as she was small like Jimin.

    He threw a white shirt on Krystal's face and pushed her inside the bathroom because she was trying to change in front of his virgin eyes.

    When Krystal finally came out of the bathroom in Jungkook's shirt, he couldn't help but to check her out.

    "Are you only going to stare at me or we'll do something more?" Krystal asked and threw her arms over Jungkook's shoulder as Jungkook kissed her passionately. Bitting her lower lip, Krystal moved her lips apart giving Jungkook the full access of her mouth.

    And that's how they end up sleeping in each other's arm after their intense makeout session which was for like 20 minutes.

    { Krystal's Pov }

    "Wake up Krystal!!" I was jerked off from my sleep because Jungkook kept yelling at me, telling I was late, it's morning, my mom must be waiting for me.

    Sighing, I looked around, finding myself in Jungkook's room and the flashbacks from last night kept on coming.


    "Shit, Jungkook? Why didn't you wake me up early?" I shouted at him and he just looked at me, not believing his eyes. Weird ass person!

    "Now move!" I pushed Jungkook out off my way and went inside the bathroom to change in my yesterday's clothes.

    I looked at myself in the mirror, messy hair, red sleepy eyes and the dark circles under it, ruined lipstick which was all over my face, hickeys - wait, what? Hickeys!? I soon remembered all of the things from yesterday's night and now I was looking like a red tomato with fluffy eyes.

    How much I want to spend my whole life with Jungkook...

    I washed my face and ran out of the bathroom, Jungkook was sitting on the sofa, scrolling through his phone. He looked so handsome in his morning messy hair. I looked at the clock and yelled.

    "Gotta go! Mom must be worried for me." I kissed Jungkook on his cheeks and was going to run but Jungkook pulled me to him and kissed me on my lips. He then let go off me after he was satisfied and I took my heels from under the bed and ran outside the door.