• juls_ice 5w

    By Julie M Bowker
    You are the love of my life.
    In my eyes, you do everything right.
    You are there when I need you the most.
    You are my shining light.
    Your love I’ll keep close to my heart.
    We will be together forever.
    Nothing will ever tear us apart.
    Your love is the reason I am here.
    I will forever love you, my dear.
    You say I rock your world.
    Well, babe, you rock mine too.
    There’s nothing I want to do without you.
    I’ll forever love you.
    I am the happiest when I’m with you.
    You’re all I want to do.
    You’re the best thing in my life.
    You are my shining light.
    I’ll forever love you.

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    I’ll Forever Love You