• nur_hafizah 9w

    Good night and good morning world

    The thing that I was afraid of just happened,
    And it happened right infront of my eyes,
    And I was just standing there, couldn't fix anything,
    Looking at my world going blue again,
    I could feel my cold tears falling again.

    I was hoping it wouldn't happen again this time, but it did,
    I guess right now I am just thinking,
    Why was I so afraid after all?
    Was it that special to lose it in this way that I can't handle it?
    Was I afraid that my past will happen again?
    Or it's just that I didn't like the way they left me, cause they could've done it in a better way?

    Whatever it is, it was the loneliest night ever for me,
    Neither I cried, neither I laughed,
    I had a smile, but I was dead inside.

    What's the point of thinking about it now?
    My overthinking mind was proven right, and still no one could've prove it wrong.
    Maybe I was just there feeling everything by myself?
    They were loving someone, and they are still loving them,
    I am another story,
    I was always another story!

    Those days were nice,
    To see kindness again in humans and joy in my eyes,
    I thought they both were dead,
    I miss those days now, where my world was being bright again,
    But now I wonder why they couldn't just not try to fix me,
    If they had to make me feel like I am a joke,
    They could've done better, but it's fine,
    I saw it coming, I just didn't expect that it was going to happen this way,
    And I didn't expect it to happen too soon.

    Anyway, it was a great time,
    Sitting and talking all night long,
    But then came the sun,
    They went back home,
    And it's hard for me to sleep again,
    I am just in this bright room trying to sleep..

    Now I am here trying to just write what I felt,
    But it became this, this imperfect poetry,
    I don't know if it's a poetry or just my feelings.
    Anyways, hope those people are happy now,
    Who were always questioning the reason of me smiling,
    But couldn't be happy for that smile,
    It's dead now, hope you can sleep peacefully,
    And again I do believe that no one nice exists.

    Thank you so much world.
    Good night to some, and good morning to others.