• misstalitha 6w


    Our Government has failed us
    Like pharaoh he put us under the guns
    We just want freedom from oppression
    From a failed system so we walk
    We walk speaking our truth
    But our government has turned on us
    Like a tyrant he has stood
    But if we cannot win maybe we can pray
    Maybe the Lord will answer our prayers faster than the politicians takes to give use freedom
    Brains on floor, blood in his cup
    Mother's without sons
    Widows made from guns
    Bodies in the sea
    Stories like in films
    Our crime is being from a failed system
    A plot...
    We are like pawns on a chess bored
    They are scared so they came with force
    Arise o Lord, let our enemies be scattered.
    This is war, a different kind
    Where a father kills his child to save his life
    But we are orphans ruled by false parents
    Who drinks our blood for breakfast
    And feast on our flesh for lunch
    Our dismiss is their progress
    Our failure is their longevity
    Oh God arise and go where we can't go
    My heart is bleeding
    But God who will saved the oppressed man
    Who will fight this battles for us
    Who will win
    when Moses was not enough
    You came
    It is time to come...
    There is blood in our street
    Pain in our hearts
    Fear in sight
    And this valley is bigger than us
    Oh Lord Arise....