• goldosaro 10w


    A DUET


    Life isn't a string of defeats
    Interrupted only by the rare glimpse of victory,
    Negative events doesn't confirm I'm a loser
    Or destined to stub my toe with every step I take
    Positive people don't react to life, they respond.

    Someone with his heels dug in,
    Someone in a defensive posture
    Someone who strikes back are negative
    Someone who engages one who takes the offence,
    Someone who reaches out rather than striking back are positive.

    Life is not lived in a straight line from womb to tomb
    Life is a series of adjustments, always keeping the goal in view
    Whatever happens in life is what is supposed to happen.

    Life is bigger than me, man, and I'm just going with the flow
    Don't treat life like a tunnel or a tube that never gets narrowed.
    Treat life like you're heading into a funnel.

    Pen is my sword .. Mighty and bleeds truth on pages of blank paper with great words to live forever
    What is Life ?
    One big question I should ask
    Such that troubles my mind and seeks answers

    What is life?
    A gift I must say
    Endowed upon us by the creator himself.
    Precious like Silver
    Priceless like Gold
    Specially designed as beautiful artifact
    Worth ceaseless adoration
    As such giving its inhabitant a chance for self fulfilment
    But of what use is life to a deceased soul?
    Going back to dust from where he was created
    Of what use is Life when something called 'death' snatches this gift away from us taking our loved ones in just a blink of an eye.

    Life seems a joke
    Yet it is cruel
    Love of my life I called him
    But ever since he left I've been to hell and am back

    Do I still have a soul?
    Or am I the Walking dead?
    An empty vessel?
    Is this life of mine worth a curse ?
    Or was I deceived with fancy words of mere men twisted with lies of enormous magnitude
    Questions keep popping up in my head
    Yet i search far and wide
    Thrusting deep into natures mystery
    In a quest to unravel answers i doubt I'd ever find
    Happiness a rudiment of life making it tasty
    But Pain has it ever been merciful ?
    Life after Death they would say
    What does this truly mean?
    Is it perhaps a day of reckoning ?
    A replay of all our stay on earth ?

    If I could go back in time
    I would adventure to where I was formed.