• samswan 10w

    More than a Mother

    As I upheld the ink today's evening, guess what?! I found all pages already stained, some with lost love, others with found meanings, few with menu of nature, very less with winter's imagination. I eventually gave up to clothe another saga and instead thought of unwrapping the sack of my archival memories. I unbuckled the one which was delicately pervaded with that "warrior" who never gave up her any battle whether as a daughter, sister, wife or mother. She nourished the seed of positive growth in me not as a biological mother rather as my well wisher who presented the sweetest and bitter realities of the world on my plate. As I channel my distant memories I remember her adding seven types of spices in her dinner curry while thinking parallelly what she would be keeping up on the menu for breakfast.
    And through this long trail of all her tales and talks the one thing which still puts me to sleep is her reassuring words that 'she is watching over me'... Even if she is beyond the blue horizon, far in distant peace trying to serve hot meal each time to her family, I know 'she is watching over me'.