• __po8tri__ 50w

    One last ride

    You took me for a ride that day. My hair flying through the sun. The ride was long I held onto you for me love had begun. I closed my eyes and felt all my past flying away that day you took me for a ride no words exchanged. Everything I had written, all my goals I had achieved were because something in you loved the most horrible parts of me. I hang on now to the short lived memories so much life lived in those moments between you and me. I changed who I was. Grew into something better. Something between us I thought would last forever.

    If we could take one more ride I would hope it would be far from here. Take me past all those broken places from all those bad years. I wish u could find it in you to forgive all that's been done and see as the days go by your pushing me farther from love. I can't keep holding on if you don't let me in. We aren't just lost lovers but we are lost friends.

    I wasn't just anyone that fell in love with you. You were everything to me. But now your gone 2.