• calebgangmei 10w

    Life's An Autumn

    Doth thou not ever think of senile?
    O mortal man with torrents agile!
    What a triumph?What a victory?
    Thou hath crowned upon thy heads in this life's glory,
    And how afar thy names hath been chanted,
    By the peoples-for thy derf niches jousted,
    Yet naught besides bequeathed;except the memoirs epitaph of recallers;
    Upon thy fierce lethal's sepulchers.

    How afar thy primest & sanest days endured?
    And how alongst the verdants springs stayed?
    But 'tis like the momentary blinding sheets of lightning,
    That flicks and quailed asunder,
    And naught wilt besides remains perrenial!
    Yet,only thy legacies either pliant or fatal;
    For the verdured trees that sheddedst their leavest,
    Sooner or later,the life of Humans wilt be!

    And behold!Man never escaped death!
    But how dost thou livest & dye?

    Caleb Gangmei