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    Wellness for giving love, is the acceptance to committing oneself to let it conquer upon oneself in which the opposite willingly applies by the submittance in the opposing side ommiting not to be conquered, submitting two, to become one for another....That's if oppoosites are led, it can only lead where only love endures through hope there is a will to have where it will tear , for this it will be torn to be A to be de-attached from PART ,seeming ends closer where it mends where it folds where once it treaded .In-creases there it folds both ends where to be is to do causing the wills to become willing in two beings subdued by the affliction inflicted its own will to have faith knowing all that's left, fall right in two hearts to becoming as one in wholeness , that begins a journey, two faithfully be in holiness...three words that are the great ..FAITH HOPE & LOVE...but I honestly thought over my own thinking and kept seeking two new words ....GRATITUDE to come have known gratifying a higher understanding to being & if there was a fifth....GRACE ,to freely be in the joy of an undying salvation...