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    This piece is from one of my works on Wattpad... Can't give the username though 'coz I'm not very comfortable about sharing my writing everywhere ������

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    Strings Attached

    If you and I met some other way,
    I'd tell you I'm enchanted by your eyes.
    And the way emotions cross them,
    I can't figure if you're reckless or wise.

    Choosing to hide from the world,
    You've made me hunger for a glance.
    And I just might take to drugs,
    To benumb the effects of your resistance.

    You pull me in but you shun me out,
    I'm battered and my ego has taken a hit.
    I've been coping most of these days,
    But you've undone me; you social misfit.

    I promise to rise from the ashes, Chica,
    Then reckoning shall come for you.
    You're gonna fall for me even harder,
    Darling, don't swallow more than you can chew.