• pragatipandey16 23w


    What were those days,
    We still praise,
    Mom used to care,
    Now it's rare,
    Dad used to bring sweets,
    We used to ignore wheat.

    Everyone used to say cutie,
    We used to feel beauty,
    Playing all day long was that all we knew,
    Today those days are very few,
    We didn't knew any pressure of career,
    All that we knew was a Ninja warrior.

    Today those days aren't here,
    But memories of those days left tear,
    Today's world is selfish,
    People only care about their wish,
    No one sees the sorrow behind smiling face,
    Which was seen by parents in those days.

    If those days could have came back,
    I would have cut the cake,
    I would have blowed the candles,
    And then the gifts would have been handled,
    Everyone would have said "Happy Birthday to you"
    And I would have said "Yuhooo".

    ©Pragati Pandey