• noshitsherlock 9w

    Just her self

    She always has this spark in her eyes that light up any room and She been the type to take her shirt off for the next person in need. She very humble and very well mannered Always a please and thank you and can’t forget those cute “ I’m sorry’s that sound so cute .The smallest things brightens up her day. Not to mentioned the sound of her voice each time she see animals she can’t help but to stop and pet them. she so full of life and love. Creative ways and endless smiles and long conversations that never get old. She a fighter a Lover the most beautiful woman even her flaws and imperfections the way she is genuinely caring and yet she’ll drops the world to run to help even when she can’t help her self . The past has made me tough and the scars tell it all but she never stop being her self and time after time She never stops praying that some day the Right man can step up and hold her and love her and show her what true love and happiness and for ever after really means xoxoxo