• vibewrobb 24w

    Change your present to decide your future. Thats called Potential ���� #444

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    Everywhere But Here

    The damnation of passion
    Leads to the calamity of my Vision &
    Hinders me of my boon.
    A corrupt monsoon blows away my courage into believing i am unworthy
    To leave my room.
    Darkness congregates into my mind
    As locus do
    When its time to multiply.
    Slowing the process of my revive
    Tick. Tick. Tick
    The light begins to flicker.
    Then i choose to stand
    Foggy headed
    I stumble to the bed
    Leading me to a book i once read.
    It was Titled; "Destruction leads to Creation if you manifest it to be".
    As the mind proccessed those words
    The Fog lifted from my eyes
    Then i could see.
    Paradise was right in front of me
    Sitting still as a ..1500 hundred year old tree.
    The Present Moment is Where We all Should Be, if you desire to feel reality