• kesharanjan8 9w

    This Saturday is not the same
    I am not waking up at 10
    But my body feel fresh
    Without the anxiety and stress
    For the first time in months
    I am not cranky or hammered
    Without the lime or vodka shot
    Or dirty wardrobes crowding overboard
    I can see the sun up and high
    I feel like taking a walk outside
    For the first time in years
    I have made my reflection smile
    There is this weird energy
    Outshining the pile of dark clouds
    Now I actually think of my friends and colleagues
    I look forward to meeting them
    After I am done with my cereal bowl
    For the first time in days
    I don't feel tired before it begins
    There is no regret inside
    And I am no more hesitant
    I feel like going uptown
    And pray at the old Cathedral
    Where my hopes lie aligned
    Where I could be thankful to His Grace
    I could enjoy a good ride with my folks
    And talk about gold old memories
    Since I am not stuck with the traumas anymore
    I feel weightless and desirable
    For the first time in million moments
    I am assured this is real
    A perfect bliss, my very own asylum