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    A rape is a rape.
    There isn’t any other way to define this hideous crime. Words betray me to describe how shameful I feel about it. I’m sorry on behalf of all the men to all the women out there who no longer have faith on us.

    It has been a while, that a day doesn’t pass where we don’t see a newspaper article that reports about rape. Where a news reporter doesn’t report about a molestation happened somewhere. It is a serious crime, a henious shameful act committed, that just kills the humanity inside of me everytime I hear it. It’s disheartening to know about how low we have stoop, that even the animals in the wild seems less dangerous than humans in this contemporary society.

    I remember waking up to the news of the gang rape that happened in Delhi a few years back. The Nirbhaya case. I hope everyone remembers about it. How would you not? It’s just so hard to forget something so horrible a crime that was committed. Just put yourself in her place and imagine the horror, she might have faced. It’s heartbreaking. Just thinking about it makes me shiver in terror. Imagine, she was a victim of it.

    The nation woke up in terror. The dawn of new beginning had begun. There had never been such a public mass rallies that was against this crime. I was in my 12th standard back then. I remember how keenly I followed the case. Being from a small state (Manipur), cellphones was a luxury back then.I would wait for the morning papers to be delivered and read about the case. I remember watching a documentary filmed by the BBC about the case, wherein it highlighted the plight of misery of the victim’s family and the convict’s family alike.

    The protest, the mass rallies, the nation wide agitations, the awareness etc. I thought it ended then. I felt that this incident would lessen this terrible inhuman crime if not end it. That what I thought back then but, I was wrong. Oh! My naïve mind. I was a fool to believe that such a thing as “End” was possible against a world where wolves roam around disguised as sheeps, hiding their evil, disgusting faces behind the innocent skin. I’m ashamed that we don’t recognize them at all. For how can we, when it can be anyone.

    Now comes another, the “Asifa Case”. It hurts to see that it is still happening. It hurts to realise that it will still happen no matter what. It hurts even more to know that it is happening yet, there are people out there who are supporting the convicts. This is heartbreaking.

    What more is disheartening?
    The people out there who try to exploit the case for their personal gains. Be it political, religious or any other agenda. There is no if and buts. There is no any hidden plots behind it. A little innocent girl was abducted, molested continuously, kept captive for days under poor hygenic conditions and murdered in cold blood. What else is there? What else are you trying to find?She is dead. She was destroyed. She can no longer be brought back.

    So,why rally making it a religious issue. Why make groups and debate what religion is against what? Why cry out hate slogans about each other? Why accuse a political party and try shaming it? Why play the blame game at all? Ijust don’t understand. Will that bring her back? Will she be like,” err excuse me. I’m gone now but I would like to blame this people and so and so religion for what happened to me”. Pardon me if this statement hurts you but, it is just incredible that we are fighting a different war using “RAPE” as a weapon of destruction.

    This is not a Hindu Vs Muslims issue. There is no XYZ political party against another debate that is to be entertained. It is a case of us failing as humans. Every one of us. Who supports the bullshits around that just keeps heating with everyday passing. Let’s just keep the other differences aside, work together for once, punish the culprits involved irrespective of any religion, caste, breed background etc.

    Let’s not play the religious games. Let’s not mock each other with political satires. Let’s not be blind while eyes wide open. Let’s be human for once. And, do what needs to be done. Let’s unite and fight against inhuman behaviour. For once, let’s not be deaf to the cries for help. Let’s try to save the others after we have failed to save those many lost to this crime.
    Haven’t we learnt our lesson yet? Do our country still needs more innocent soul to be “Raped”? I think this is it. It just too much to take now. I can’t take it anymore. It just kills me inside.

    We can fight our religious war some other day. We can support our political parties some other time. Let’s just forget all this for once and be a responsible human. Let’s do what is right. For there might come a day, when we would no longer be humans anymore. Just mere mortals with flesh and bones.

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    A Rape Is A Rape.