• bhagwant_09 9w

    It's been a While

    It's been a while..
    to see you smile..
    it's been a while..
    to see you cry..
    it's been a while..
    To see you cuddling into my arms..
    You fighting with me but meant no harms..
    It's been a while..
    That we have talked..
    It's been a while...
    Together we have walked..
    It's been a while..
    To hear your nonstop gossips..
    Hearing talk of the town..
    Then suddenly demand for a gown..
    It's been a while..
    That you have sensed my situation...
    Out of love or my ego frustration..
    I would scold you for talking so loose..
    My fresh mood or gown you have to choose...
    It's been a while..
    For my confidence on you..
    That you will cheer me up with I love you..
    Those tensions, those days..
    Our own meditation with unique ways..
    It's been a while..
    But seems like years..
    May be it's just me or my fears...
    Mistakes you know how often I make.
    But love is not one shot give or take..
    It's Really been a while that I have tried..
    But not for you how often you have cried..
    So for sake of that love..
    Why don't we be...
    You and me together as we see..
    We Are far but not from the heart...
    It's just been a while..
    To see you smile ❤