• goelashi 36w

    Mother, the most beautiful word and the most loving person in our lives. All other relations can be fake. There is a hidden selfishness in all other loves but love of mother is unconditional and selfless. Our everyday activities eating, walking, taking bath etc. are taught by mother only. Definitely we wouldn’t have learnt them in first attempt but she kept on putting efforts and teaching us. Today if she asks for something more than twice, then we get irritate. One should never get angry on his/her parents. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. We owe our existence to you.

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    एक भोली सी सूरत बड़ी याद आती है,
    ममता की वो मूर्त बड़ी याद आती है ।
    कुछ भी तो मुझे न आता था,
    एक चीज़ को दस बार में सीख पाता था ।
    फिर भी तुम कितने प्यार से सिखाती थी,
    समझ न आता तो अपने पास बिठाती थी ।
    तेरी गोद में बचपन बीता जैसे सुन्दर सपना,
    ए माँ तू ही तो है मेरा वजूद अपना ।