• soulfspoetry 6w

    Prayer Letters

    I woke up today and for that am grateful. I don't remember saying a prayer but I remember my heart knowing that you got me. I suck at telling stories and for that am sorry but am here writing a story to show that am forever thankful. The sun shone today and for that am grateful. You gave me the ray of hope that the day wasn't going to be sorry. I got home safe from work and to that am grateful. You keep reminding me that you are eternally gracious. I am not gracious enough to be perfect in your eyes. But you see me in a light that makes me perfect to spread your love. I saw the stars tonight and for that am hopeful. I take it as a sign from you that tomorrow is going to be ok. I woke up today and for that am grateful. So thank you and may I endeavor to be in your light forever. Thank you.