• dotdotdot 6w

    Sunday Special

    "Yard sale happening live right now!
    I got some nominal things laying around.
    Sack of Uncertainties selling dirt cheap,
    Man, I'll even throw in a pack of stress for you to keep."

    "Sorry Sir,This One Isn't Exactly For Sale",
    as I grab my memories off the vacant shelf.
    "But I have a very special deal for you",
    while I point my head to an empty pale.

    "Inside This One Are My All My Anxieties,
    See How Filled It Is With True Realities?
    But This One's Vintage! And I'm But An Old Fossil,
    I'll Bargain With You For Cheap,Is It Worth Your Hussle?

    "Lets Start The Bidding At 2 Benjamins,
    I'm sorry if I come off as if I'm troubling,
    but I've spent a lifetime chasing after ,
    the contents of This Red Polymer,

    10 Quid Kid,And You Got A Deal!
    I'll Throw In My Heart, Isn't That A Steal!
    Just grab it from that aged box over there,
    It's In A Few Pieces Though,But I Think You Can Repair."