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    Hey you, !!

    Hey you naayintemol,my Bangalore chick, my pigsnout, my undachubbyy, bulgy butch,overfed pig, big fat potato,my comfort pillow, and the most bleh bleh chubby names belongs to you. I should have to call these names for sure so that you wont become that kinda complex wali ladki anymore ! You know something my thadichi, its funny for the other asses out there to at look us and say "old farts simply looks like 10 ", and for us, 10 is just a 100 times happy compliments. Remember, a me, and a you will never be the same for anyone. We are we, and the only
    thing that matters us is just US! I am the happiest stick for my happy dumbo ! What would I do if you get on to a diet !! Who will kick your boomerang ass ! Who will be there to cwetch you for so long! Who will be there for you to bite your fuckin chubby cheeks!Who will be there for you to make your fav vaazhayile pothinja choru..!! See, you will be nothing if you dare to loss your weight. And remember my lady asshole, you are one of a kind ! The weirdest crazy chakkachi, be the same soul ! Be the thadichiest! Because I love being the best cuddler for you.I love you old fart !! ILYSM my baby elephant❤