• barefoot 6w

    There is this
    Bubble around us .
    The Bubble is perfect
    Because it keeps us sane.
    Sane enough to function within
    The precincts of the society that tells us
    That survival is absolutely absolutely necessary but forgets to conveniently mention that living is not necessarily surviving , is it? Because surviving ensures that we keep the bubble intact but living happens when we dare to imagine a life outside this
    bubble. Now this contradiction splits us into two halves. One needing to stay within , and one desperately trying to find a way out. And we stand at the corner that seperates reality infused with the logic of the bubble and our dreams infused with the irrationality of our longing souls. we stand here ,
    Keenly balancing between the two, pretending to know just where we belong. Now what really is this bubble? This bubble is the story of who we are facilitated to be to ensure our survival . The measure of how high we can dare to reach , And the bubble is what teaches us to Laugh when we are breaking , or
    to hide when we are numb or to hold on
    when we are eager to cross .

    This bubble is actually beautiful.
    It is like the womb.Of the society. The
    only thing is we never step out of this womb
    We never dare to be birthed into the world of the
    unknown . Cause once we do enter this world of the unknown we are seen as misfits by the ones inside the womb. We are seen as the illogical dreamers who believe in the unusual idea of being born to our real selves outside of the norm. But once we do take that step into the unknown , once we do dare to be born to our truth whatever it may be , we take our first real breath and we know without knowing that we cannot ever go back. Life is here. We enter this unknown out of love , love for the self , love for others , love for the truth of our heartbeat and when the beings inside the bubble mockingly ask the wild outsiders if it was worth it , this journey to the wild unknown, the outsiders only smile with an open mindedness , wondering if the questioners know that what they are calling the safe haven , the bubble of
    safety , is also their own imaginary prison? Why have we forgotten that the mighty stars that made our burning hearts did so only because
    they dared to break out of their heavenly
    firmament and enter the world
    of chaotic creation?

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