• crazyforskittles 5w

    Okay isn't okay

    A sixteen year old girl who's not that happy.
    She smiles amd she laughs everyday.
    But that doesn't mean she's okay.

    Everytime she goes for a walk outside.
    Her head takes her back to what's behind.
    It never thinks about what she can find.
    Yeah, that's just the story of her mind.

    Her past,
    It left scars but forget it 'cause it passed.
    It's gone and it's never coming back.
    It's behind her. She's still carrying it like a bag.

    Her present,
    She's ruining it, not letting it pleasant.
    Every moment she thinks about what happened.
    Wanting it to be something she imagined.

    Her future,
    Yet to come tell her it's time to make a U-turn.
    She's turning her shining bright life to black.
    Just because she can't help looking back.

    It's not her fault.
    It's the past that confined her sense of thought.
    It taunts her and it teases her tell her it's gone.
    It's making her believe she should be done.

    That's the girl who's not quite that happy.
    She screams and she cries everyday.
    But never heard 'cause she's okay.
    Yeah, that's what she'll say