• theblabberingmonk 10w

    It seems like it was yesterday
    When I saw you sleeping in the sessions
    Like myself, ofcourse.
    Or was it your curly locks that made me think
    Are those even real!
    And it seems it was yesterday evening
    When we were sitting in the cafeteria
    chewing dishes, birdwatching.
    Or was it yesterday night
    When you made me drink the beer.
    The beer which I hated, Whose taste is now acquired.
    It feels as if my legs are still paining
    Due to the random Bhangra steps.
    My stomach feels uneasy, probably because
    Of the maggi that two munchies ate,
    after smoking pot at 3 in the morning.
    My jaws hurt, probably because
    We were laughing so hard last night.
    It seems like it was yesterday
    I met you and its not even been a day.
    Its seems pretty true how
    Good times passes in a flash.
    And how even an year feels like just a day.