• andromeda_galaxia 10w

    If I had met

    If I had met Marie Curie,
    I would have asked her in fury,
    "Was love really worth the price you paid,
    as your husband, in the coffin, your dead body laid?"

    If I had met Sir Isaac Newton,
    I would have asked that human,
    "As a farm boy, did you ever dream,
    of becoming darkness's light beam?"

    If I had met Mahatma Gandhi,
    I would have asked him fondly,
    "Were you really trying to be impartial?
    Was dividing India really essential?"

    If I had met Stephen King,
    I would have asked him, my voice quivering,
    "How deep was your disappointment in Carrie,
    even though it was just temporary?"

    But alas, I haven't met them,
    so, in myself, I want to discover a gem.
    Someone who struggles through the stormiest of nights,
    a person who doesn't back down from fights.
    A person who works hard to fulfill her dreams,
    a warrior who is not afraid of extremes!
    Thank you- Andromeda Galaxia