• nytingale 10w

    i once believed in fairytales,
    tales of the untold mermaids wagging up their tails,
    cinderella and her glass slipper that fell off as she ran down the stairs.

    i once believed in once upon a time,
    there once lived a handsome prince with a penny and a dime,
    looking for a young beautiful girl so fine,
    a girl who'd love him till the end of time.

    i once believed in prince charming,
    his handsomely great might in disarming,
    leaving every girl in town breathless & crying,
    but still every girl would die having.

    i once believed in your i love yous,
    and the words i thought that was true,
    leaving me with a severe and stupid flu,
    because you were only playing me with your crew.

    - once upon a time, s. e.